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    Ice cream trucks begin to appear on many corners all over the New York City, as soon as the weather begins to warm. They attract customers of all ages. Food trucks of all kinds are places often surrounded by people crowding around waiting to purchase whatever delicious offering the mini restaurant is serving. I have often stopped to photograph the developing scenes of everyday life that revolve around those food trucks while walking the streets of city.

   This image was taken on a very hot summer afternoon on the corner of 5thAvenue and 45thStreet. On this day the ice cream truck was parked close to the corner partially obscured by the glass building located there.  I remember that it was the time of day when the light evenly illuminated the scene. I have photographed from this location before as the glass of the building provides a wonderful reflective surface to add dimensionality to a scene. I waited and photographed in this place for at least 30 minutes as the people stopped to purchase their ice cream. This image of the man with his double scoop of ice cream and his apparition evokes the pleasure of ice cream on a hot summer afternoon.



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